Unwinding from work…
In the car off to BBQ! Woo. Party & bullshit.
Not styled but it is cut!
And most of my hair is gone!


I’d love to have a girl who’s a friend or a girl friend that I could teach to skateboard :( even if it is just the simple tricks, I can show off with the more complex

I’ve just realised what my hair looks like now that I’ve ruffled my hand through it most of tonight! 
This is the best tshirt to sleep in, due to the fact that in the morning IT’S SO TRUE!
This is my GIF I made about IDOL’s and who you love and worship can make you. So here is my idol’s and also some quotes I live by. Just think about what makes you, you.
Night out again a while ago
Last night in a peruvian night club!

Shitty, crappy, falling for someone. Fuck cakes.

I shouldn’t like you. Well not like this I shouldn’t, I mean I think you like someone else, or you’re getting over another guy. It kills me knowing I can’t say anything either you know, I’ve seen you so often lately that it makes me happy each time I see you, and it’s amazing. But I still get that feeling, that if I tell you this then I’ll end up losing whatever friendship we had and also wrecking a whole load of other things.

I mean we’ll keep seeing more and more of each other, and your hugs are fucking amazing. I so wish I could just one day be talking or walking around somewhere and you come up and hug me and then naturally as can be I say, “Fuck I like you a lot”. That’s actually how I’d say it, but so far no luck. Because you’re absolutely amazing, I wish so so much that we could be together. Though I’ve been told not to tell you for other reasons til next week, it’ll be too late, I’ll be in Peru for 3 weeks. Too long without you really.

I wish I could say, I wish we end up together. Because you seriously are perfect, from your perfect face to your gnarly attitude. It makes me so happy being with you. Sharing music, talking about clothes, you taking the mick out of me; what more can a guy like me want. You always compliment me too, and it’s nice, because barely anyone compliments me at all. So yeah, I had to write this so it wasn’t bottled up anymore. I like you so fucking much it’s untrue, yet it’s happening so I guess it’s true. I just hope that next week, before I leave, I’ll catch you unawares and you’ll realise. Fuck I love this feeling. Thank you for joining my life.

It’s coming… The music revolution.
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First messy hair, quiff, clean shaved me in literally months.
We’ll take the town tonight.