Living in the now: friends, music and a whole lotta loving. Reading Festival 2013.
And everyone meet my dog
Party life is the best life

Ask me shit unbelievably bored...

I’m So Glad

That now I’m with someone else we can go back to being friends, without the past daunting over us. It loomed as I remembered all our crappy times when nothing went right, yet it still was perf. But now you’re like one of my best friends so I’m happy with life. I’m so glad to have you.

Ask me stuff to cure me of this boredom, it could be about you or me I DON'T CARE!

With le Girlf, who took this.
Me and Ellie at school.

It’s my birthday!!!

I lied

It wasn’t a lie that hurt you, it hurt me, but I did it so we could be back to normal, and it’s shit I feel completely shit. I want to own up to it but it’s so hard because we’re back the way we were, as friends, but I can’t hide that I want more and it drives me nuts, I just want to be with you.

I’ve tried I’ve really tried. But I give up on every single thing I’ve ever tried for. My life’s shit, a mess and more things go wrong than there are right. I literally thought today and allowed, “dying would be cool” and I’m starting to listen to myself.
This isn’t hot, but this is funny, taken Friday night when we found our friend Lissie’s (who is a lot shorter than us) coats and put them on, I was a pimp (I had a cain just not in this picture) and my friend Eoin (Owen) Is wearing a gillet, cute huh?
Going out. Going to tell her my feelings…
Move over swagnotes… I’m in town.